Repowers are a part of the Boating Industry.  There are many reasons why you should consider to repower your boat.  We're going to go over just a few.

For many individuals reliability, and safety are the main concerns. Others simply love their boats and the cost of a new one isn't an option!

When you buy a Yamaha engine(s), you are receiving the best engine available in terms of performance and reliability. You will also receive the best experience, customer support, and value in the industry!

You can rest assured that your boat is in the care of the most respected and reliable shop in South Florida. Every boat receives the same attention to detail.  Whether it's an inflatable getting a portable engine, or a mega center console getting quad engines.

Once your boat arrives we go over the details with you to make sure the location of the new rigging will be positioned to your comfort level.  Our technicians then check your boat from bow to stern to make sure everything is working properly.  If the technician finds a discrepancy, we will notify you to see how you would like to proceed.

Once all the old rigging and engine is removed, we proceed to install the engine(s) and its rigging components. 

After we've completed the install, we will test run the engine at the shop.  Prior to delivery, we will sea trial your boat. During the sea trial everything is checked to verify it's within manufacturer specifications, including the prop!

Ready to start the process? Contact Tony at 305-767-7840 or Cesar at 305-570-4155 and they will guide you through the total process.  Tony and Cesar are bilingual: English and Spanish.