How To Keep Your Outboard Motor In Excellent Condition

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How To Keep Your Outboard Motor In Excellent Condition

Outboard motors are portable, lightweight, and easy to use. It’s no wonder why so many boaters choose to use them. They also come in a wide range of styles, which makes them ideal for various types of applications. However, like any internal combustion engine, you’ll need to do your due diligence to keep it performing well. This means you’ll need to perform regular maintenance on your outboard to keep it up and running. Eric’s Outboard Marine has gathered some helpful tips below.

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Woman Performing Outboard Motor Oil Change

Routine Motor Maintenance

Believe it or not, simple routine maintenance will play a major role in keeping your outboard out of the shop for a longer period of time. Remember that it uses internal combustion to generate power, which means it operates similarly to the engine of a car or motorcycle. When you’re ready to begin, remove the cowling or outer cover of the outboard that protects it from the water. Examine it for any signs of leakage, specifically at the joints where the parts come together.

You should unplug the battery prior to inspecting the spark plugs, which should be clean and free of oil in their intact ceramic housing. When the time comes to reinstall the spark plugs, make sure that you’re torquing them to the manufacturer’s specifications. On that note, you should always be referring to the owner’s manual for your Yamaha outboard motor when you’re performing maintenance.

Next, check the oil to confirm that it’s not dark or sludgy. If there happen to be any metal shavings in it, this could indicate that motor parts are grinding together. This issue will require a specific level of expertise, so leave it to a professional. Due to how these engines operate, they will churn through oil much faster than car motors. You don’t want the oil to disappear too quickly, though, as it could mean there’s a leak. Check the air filter, which shouldn’t be too dirty. Examine the fuel line and be sure it’s in good shape and attached securely.

Flushing Outboard Motor

After Each Trip

After each and every trip on the water, you’ll need to perform maintenance. Begin by rinsing and flushing the engine. Saltwater and freshwater can be corrosive and lead to damage if you skip this step. Start it up when your craft is out of the water and leave it in neutral as it pumps out the water. Unhook the fuel line and allow the engine to burn off the remaining fuel, which will prevent it from sitting inside the engine and corroding it. Clamp the fuel line before you attempt this, which will prevent gasoline from spraying all over the place. After your engine sputters dry, you can proceed to shut it off and hit the battery switch if applicable.

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Professional Outboard Motor Maintenance

Finally, you’ll still need to consult a professional for annual maintenance. If you’re the proud owner of a Yamaha outboard motor, you want to keep it in excellent shape. A professional will be able to address certain areas of concern you might’ve missed. There’s also the chance that you’ll run into an issue during your own inspection that’s out of your scope. Your friends at Eric’s Outboard Marine are happy to assist. You don’t want to wait until problems become too severe for repair. We’re confident that we can help you keep your engine in the best shape possible.

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