Cocoplum Living Article


For this issue of Cocoplum Living we are featuring an interview with one of our sponsors Eric Raistrick, President and Founder of Eric’s Outboard Marine Service, Inc. He started out as a Mobile Marine Mechanic way back in 1986, and over the last 30 years, with a lot of hard work and determination; Eric’s Outboard has grown into one of the most respected Contender and Yamaha dealerships in the country. We’re picking his brain today to find out how Eric has been able to thrive in an industry where it’s challenging to find a reliable, straightforward and trustworthy company.

 Eric you’ve been in the boating business for over 30 years. What’s the story behind how you got started with Eric’s Outboard? You know, I’ve had a love for boats and fishing since I was a kid. As I got older, I began learning how to repair outboard engines. It went from a hobby to a business in 1986 when I decided to start doing side repair jobs out of my backyard. Eventually, the business outgrew my backyard and we had to move into a warehouse.