Eric’s Outboard Included in Recent Article in Boating Industry

It’s always such an honor to be included in online and offline publications.  We recently were just included in an article from Boating Industry titled ‘Utilizing service department metrics for maximum profit’. Check out the article at

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The 10 Luckiest Fishing Spots in Florida

Use this guide to catch your limit and catch ‘em big As a kid, my parents bought me Encyclopedia Britannica’s Complete Guide to Fishing. Inside was everything a young fisherman could ever want to know. It included the fundamentals, an exhaustive list of fish species, casting techniques, types of bait, and how to fish in

Check us out in the 2017 Towing Guide

Here are some images from the 2017 Towing Guide that we were part of.  There are some helpful tips in this article. Click HERE to read the article from the website.                            

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Three tips to maintain Yamaha outboard parts from Algae Bloom

Along with concerns for humans, water and beaches, the bloom has affected boat maintenance and requires diligence from boaters wishing to protect their vessel and its Yamaha outboard parts.  The large blue-green algae bloom that has erupted in south Florida recently has caused concern for the people’s health and the environment as it fills the

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Featured in May issue of Cocoplum Living Magazine

For this issue of Cocoplum Living we are featuring an interview with one of our sponsors Eric Raistrick, President and Founder of Eric’s Outboard Marine Service, Inc. He started out as a Mobile Marine Mechanic way back in 1986, and over the last 30 years, with a lot of hard work and determination; Eric’s Outboard has grown into one of the most respected Contender and Yamaha dealerships in the country. We’re picking his brain today to find out how Eric has been able to thrive in an industry where it’s challenging to find a reliable, straightforward and trustworthy company.

An open Cuba is coming: 8 things Boating and Fishing Enthusiasts should know

Cuba was once a boater’s paradise and Cubans are eager to re-establish it as the ultimate destination for boaters and anglers. Due to the trade and investment embargo that the US established against Cuba in 1962 the boating industry in Cuba has floundered and all its accompanying accommodations are in short supply.