Hurricane Evacuation Route Sign

Featured Blog: Hurricane Preperation For Boaters

For boat owners, hurricanes present some unique challenges. Because hurricanes generate large tidal surges in addition to all the weather-related damage, they can easily sweep boats off the water and destroy them. Even if your boat isn’t torn away from its moorings, it can sustain significant damage and items aboard your boat will be tossed about. Tending to your boat before a hurricane can help you to save it and spare you expensive repairs or replacements. This guide to hurricane preparation for boaters by Eric’s Outboard Marine Service Inc. in Miami, Florida should help you protect your boat as best you can before the storm hits.

Sustainable Boating Practices

sustainable-boatingBoating is an extremely fun and popular pastime, but if you are careless, then it’s a hobby that definitely has a negative impact on the environment. Click here to read more

Keeping Your Outboard Motor In Excellent Condition

2016-05-26-Coco-plum-living-mag-article-MayOutboard motors are portable, lightweight, and easy to use. It’s no wonder why so many boaters choose to use them. They also come in a wide range of styles, which makes ...Click here to read more

Boating in Rough Conditions

algae-bloom-1Even after following all the right precautions, you could find yourself boating in rough conditions. Mother Nature is unpredictable so it’s important to be prepared for the worst case scenario, especially at... Click here to read more

Pre-Launch Checklist

pre-launch-checklistA Pre-Launch Checklist will provide items that should be reviewed before heading out... Click here to read more

Help Move the Entire Marine Industry Closer to 60 in 60


The fishing and boating industries are working to increase the number of fishing participants from Click here to read more

Defend Against The Elements - Corrosion Prevention

YamahaShield-1While you Ymaha Marine dealer can help you with, or even do, most of your general and preventive  Clcik here to read more

Boating industry representatives testify at EPA hearing on year-round E15 sales

E15-Sales-20190401Last Friday, EPA held a public field hearing on its proposed rule to lift the restriction on summertime sales of gasoline with 15 percent.... Click here to read more

Outboard Corrosion Prevention Tipsadvocate01

If you’re a marine enthusiast on any level, you’re probably familiar with saltwater corrosion and all of the damage it can cause. Did you know that corrosion..Click here to read more

Places To Take Your Outboard Near Miami

NauticStar 243 Sport Deck Boat

If you’ve recently invested in an amazing new outboard motor for your boat, you’re probably eager to hit the water and..Click here to read more

Yamaha F150 Stalling At The Dock

Yamaha-F150A technician and I were working on a fairly new F150 engine that was tied to the dock, and no matter what we did, we could not stop this engine from stalling. Click here to read more

Maintenance: Infrequently Used Motors

InHouse-ServiceWe all know how important it is to care for an outboard motor after use to ensure a long, reliable, and enjoyable experience...Click here to read more

Yamaha Outboard Motors Fit In Your Boat

V8Boats are just a floating vessel until you invest enough amount in Yamaha outboard motors. There is a wide range... Click here to read more

Yamaha Outboards - Reliability and Innovation

helm-masterThere have been great changes in the world of outboard motors since last fifty years, all thanks to technology. The development of computers... Click here to read more

Ethanol Effects


What are the effects of Ethanol? After using the boat for two years using fuel with ethanol, the cost savings was destroyed by the repairs required. Click here to read more

9 Yamaha Outboard Maintenance Tips You Cannot Afford to Miss

Boating-Season-Maintenance-TipsWant to learn ways to avoid costly repairs? Click here to read more

Service Department 

Metrics For  Maximum Profit

It’s always such an honor to be included in online and offline publications. We recently were just included in an article from Boating Industry titled ‘Utilizing service department metrics for Click here to read more 

Millionaires Club

snapper2Have you ever wondered how the situation with Gulf red snapper became such a mess or why millions of anglers are limited to just one weekend a year for red snapper fishing? Well, a recent piece of investigative journalism found that catch shares are a huge part  Click here to read more

Hurricane Planning

Preparing in advance is important for Mother Nature events such as tornadoes, snow storms, mud slides, volcano eruptions, hurricanes, and others...Click here to read more  

Cocoplum Living Article

2016-05-26-Coco-plum-living-mag-article-MayFor this issue of Cocoplum Living we are featuring an interview with one of our sponsors Eric Raistrick, President and Founder of Eric’s Outboard Marine Service, Inc. He started out as a Mobile Marine Mechanic way back in 1986, and over the last 30 years...Click here to read more

3 tips to Maintain Yamaha Outboard Parts from Algae Bloom

algae-bloom-1Along with concerns for humans, water and beaches, the bloom has affected boat maintenance and requires diligence from boaters wishing to protect their vessel and its Yamaha outboard parts. Click here to read more

How To Buy The Perfect Outboard Motor

Twin Yamaha V6 Outboard MotorsLooking to hit the water but don’t have the right kind of punch to pack behind your boat? That’s what Yamaha outboard motors are for. Click here to read more

The 7 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Outboard Motor

Three 2019 Yamaha 425 XTO Offshore Outboard MotorsAs you’re out enjoying a gorgeous day on the water and soaking up the sunshine, the last thing on your mind is an unexpected breakdown. Click here to read more