February 2016

Have you ever wondered how the situation with Gulf red snapper became such a mess or why millions of anglers are limited to just one weekend a year for red snapper fishing?  Well, a recent piece of investigative journalism found that catch shares are a huge part of the problem.  In fact, the article says that a group of just 55 people control the right to catch 77 percent of red snapper in the Gulf!

Don’t believe us?  Check out the article for yourself here, and then help us raise a voice against this tragedy!  If you don’t want to continue seeing our red snapper season destroyed by this “millionaires’ club” then tell Congress we need to see change by clicking through the link below!

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DavidThe Millionaires’ Club
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Tell Congress to Stop E15

We all know that E15 destroys outboard motors, harms boat fuel lines, and prevents boaters from spending time on the water.  If our industry wants to continue to grow, we all must come together to stop increased amounts of ethanol from entering our fuel supply.  Thankfully, an opportunity to stop E15 may present itself in the US Senate next week!

Two amendments have been proposed to a major energy package in the Senate, both of which will help prevent the expansion of E15.  However, there is no guarantee that these amendments will ever get a vote!  If you want to protect our industry from the rise of E15, tell Congress we must support these amendments by clicking through the link below!

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